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Web Design

Big or small, we do it all!
Ok, we know that lead-in is cheesy, but it got your attention right? Assuming you said yes we’ll continue on with what we were saying. At The Designary we specialize in websites of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small business website, e-commerce solution, Wordpress or Joomla blog or a stunning portfolio site we have the design and development expertise to create something that is 100% unique and customized to fit your exact needs.

Our process.
For us it’s not just a matter of making a quick penny. We take the time to evaluate each business and how their situation is unique. We study your competition and then set out to provide a website that is superior to everyone else in your market. Once we’ve got our research and a solid understanding of what you’re looking for we come up with a look for your website that suits your style and matches your brand initiatives. Then it’s up to us to make everything work in our development environment, give you a couple rounds of revisions to tweak it the max and finally debut it to the world.

That’s not all.
In case you hadn’t heard search engine optimization is extremely important to getting your business found on the web. Lucky for you we design your site with that very thing in mind and then go one step further by including our basic seo package with every website we create. That means targeting keywords, creating unique page titles and descriptions and discovering potential sources for quality links back to your website.

Launched: WordPress Website
Launched: Wordpress Website – WordPress Web Design featuring Chicagoland 5k race information.