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Photography ExampleWeddings, Engagements, Families, Kids, Senior Pictures…we do it all!

Although we share a common fondness for capturing beautiful images with other professional photographers, what we do with those images afterward is what sets us apart!

At The Designary we dedicate countless hours after the photos have been taken to tweaking your already amazing images into priceless memories.  Our process is to individually assess each and every picture for its finer qualities and then make those finer qualities even finer (yes, I said finer a lot). We know our stuff when it comes to color correction, vignetting, split toning, converting to black and white and retouching those small imperfections that only you would notice.  Once we get everything just right, we keep going.  We do it over a few more times, creating multiple versions with different effects and then get this…we give you every option.  Most photographers create one version, assume its the best and hand it over.  We won’t settle for that.

In addition to all that post production we’re going to give you your pictures on a cd and let you do what you want with them.  What a novel idea.  So many times all you get is a wedding book and a bunch of prints and no access to the digital files.  We’re not going to leave you hanging like that.  You’ll get a printing release form from us along with all the high resolution images that we just labored over for days and you can do with them what you please.  Don’t get us wrong, we like to make money so we do offer printing services through our website at a small markup so that all your family and friends can access the same amazing pictures that we’ve already provided you on disc.  That way you won’t have to make a million prints for your Great Aunt Bertha.

Web Design
We cherish the opportunity to create websites, large and small, that challenge our thinking and incorporate new and exciting features. Whether it be flash elements, database management, newsletters, video or something we’ve never even heard of we look forward to giving you exactly what you want. Let us know what’s on your mind and we’ll arrange a custom quote in no time flat.

Content Management System
Image Slideshows
Google Maps
Google Calendars
Web Videos
Submission Forms
Login Forms
Registration Forms
Flash Banners
Flash Navigation
Image Uploads
PayPal Payment Buttons
Shopping Carts
Live Streaming Videos
HTML Newsletters
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media

Graphic Design
A logo is a companies philosophy in a nutshell. In the right hands it can be sculpted into a work of art that tells a customer what you’re all about without hitting them over the head with it. Crafting your identity into the perfect statement is a unique challenge and it is one of our favorite. Give us a call and we’d be happy to spend some time on yours.

Need to showcase your services or products? Brochures are a great way to give people a portable alternative to a website. Whether you’re looking to showcase your specials or are promoting an event this is an informative way to let people know what you’re up to.

Looking to upgrade your business card from a boring little piece of paper to an exciting marketing tool that people will comment on when you hand it over? We’d be happy to make that happen for you. Send us your logo or commission us to create one for you and we’ll set you up with a brand new look.

Make a statement with a new letterhead. Improve your identity and professionalism with a letterhead that is uniquely designed for your business.

It may be unassuming, but an envelope can make a big impact on customers or potential clients if it’s designed right. Add a splash of color, a logo, or just a simple font change and people will notice.

We can design anything! If you have something else you’d like to put a professional touch on just let us know what you need. Here are a few ideas:
Banner Ads
Photo Retouching
Door Hangers
CD / DVD Covers

Writing Services
At The Designary we’re proud to offer the services of our in-house wordsmith. With a Bachelor’s degree in English/Professional Writing she is uniquely qualified to create professional text to help market your business. Here’s what she can do:

Product Descriptions
Web / Print Text