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If you want to manage your own website, but don’t have the first clue what you need to do then you’ve come to the right place.  WordPress is absolutely the best platform for inexperienced web folk to run their very own place on the web.  It gives you the ability to upload images, update text, link to social media and much more.  In fact, this website is built using WordPress.

Here at The Designary we have loads of experience in buying cheap templates and customizing them to fit specific business needs.  Basically you pay a bargain basement price for a fully developed website and then we do a little bit of work to make it unique and custom to you. The great part is that we don’t have to spend all our time testing and developing something from scratch and you get the assurance that your website is built on a framework that has been proven over and over.

Here’s what we’re thinking…

• We meet with you to find out what you’re all about
• Based on our meeting we suggest a template that comes close to meeting your needs
• You say “I trust you”
• We customize it to make it exactly what you’re looking for
• Everyone’s happy

Of course there is the small detail of payment in there.  Like we said this is custom work we’re doing here so we’ll have to quote you based on our initial thoughts.  From experience you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1000 for a blog or small business website or a few hundred more to integrate a shopping cart in there as well.  You’ll get 3 chances to tell us exactly what you want and we’ll make our best effort to meet your vision each time.  Once your revisions are final or all 3 opportunities are spent we’ll launch your site or discuss further options.

Here are a few examples of sites running on WordPress that we’ve adapted from an original template.

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