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Brand your Facebook page with a custom URL

If you’re wondering how to create a unique Facebook URL specific to your name or brand you’ve just found the answer.

By default, Facebook adds a bunch of random letters and numbers to your account URL when you set it up. It certainly isn’t the most professional looking link if it’s the only place on the web where you do business. Luckily, Facebook recently announced that you can now customize your link with an extension that you desire. For example, ours is and It’s important to claim your name right away or you run the risk of someone else snatching it up.  Facebook has made it clear that once a name is taken it may not be used by any other user EVER!  Be very careful about your choice the first time because you can’t take it back.

Here’s what you do…

  1. Log in to your facebook account
  2. Go to
  3. Select the page name that you wish to specify the new URL for
  4. Type in the extension that you wish to be identified by from now on
  5. Enjoy!

A couple sidenotes. If you’re specifying a business website you must have at least 25 fans to change your URL. Also, like I said before you may not choose a name that has already been taken so if you have a very common name you may have to settle for a variation.